Today, the United States Supreme Court decided to consider three decisions involving class-action waivers in employee arbitration agreements.  As background, many employers require employees to sign arbitration agreements.  In these agreements, employees give up the right to sue their employer and agree that all employment related claims will be subject to arbitration.  Many of these

Friending someone on Facebook, more importantly – unfriending them, may have unintended consequences in the land down under.  As reported at, the Australia Fair Work Commission recently found that “unfriending” a co-worker on Facebook was considered bullying.  In addition to the Facebook unfriending, the unfriended and aggrieved employee also complained of more than

On May 13, 2014, Louisiana’s legislators joined the ranks of several other states by passing legislation to prevent employers and schools from demanding access to social media, personal email, and other online accounts.  House Bill 340, also known as the Personal Online Account Privacy Protection Act, will prohibit employers from: (1) requesting or requiring an