Those with the temerity to tackle the forbidding labyrinth of Louisiana class action law — and the foresight to gauge the daunting nature of the task ahead — may wish to consult the eminently useful Practical Digest of Louisiana Class Action Decisions, compiled by the Honorable Thomas F. Daley, Louisiana Fifth Circuit Court of Appeal, Gerald E. Meunier, of Gainsburgh Benjamin David Meunier & Warshauer, and Kean Miller’s own Charles S. McCowan, Jr. The editors have compiled and organized a formidable array of excerpts from the most recent Louisiana Supreme Court and appellate court decisions, organized by topic. Of course, class action litigation defies neat categorization and predictability, and courts all too often resort to nostrums in lieu of hard analysis. However, whatever your class action issue, you are likely to find a quote or two “on point,” and a wealth of cases to dig into for enlightenment. Resting serenely amidst the turgid prose on adequate representation, typicality, and predominance are some nifty deep South-themed photographs. Look for quiet touches of ironic humor in the juxtaposition of pictures and nearby text. Very quiet touches.

Here is a link to the digest in pdf format.