Governor Kathleen Blanco has reportedly vetoed the controversial Competitive Cable and Video Services Act, House Bill 699. There has been significant disagreement between BellSouth, the proponent of the bill, cable providers, who appeared to turn neutral as to its passage after the bill was amended, and Parish presidents and mayors, who urged the Governor to veto the bill. Of particular concern was the lack of any requirements for telecommunications companies to provide service to consumers in rural and poor neighborhoods, which cable providers typically must do under current franchise agreements. Local officials also argued that the bill would reduce or eliminate local governments’ authority to manage their rights-of-way. Under Louisiana law, a bill vetoed by the Governor must subsequently be approved in a veto session by two-thirds of the elected members of both the House and Senate to become law. The bill originally passed both houses by a two-thirds vote before being sent to the Governor. For recent new articles regarding this matter, visit  and