Any industry manufacturing or even using products with even trace levels of benzene should be aware of the growing trend among trial attorneys to bring benzene exposure claims. It may be nearing the time for companies to undertake aggressive efforts to reduce or eliminate potential exposure to these types of claims
Several recent blogosphere entries suggest that three women from Florida, New Jersey, and Kansas have sued The Sunny Delight Beverages Company, Pepsico, Shasta (National Beverage Company), and the Rockstar Energy Drink Co. claiming that some of their soft drink products contain ingredients that can combine to form benzene when exposed to heat and light. The suits were said to have been filed in the summer of 2006. The women are said to be represented by Boston attorney Andrew Rainer.
Numerous recent web accounts suggest that Coca Cola settled benzene related claims in May 2007.
Is this type of claim the tip of a large legal iceberg or a passing nuisance?