Beginning with the 2006 ad valorem tax year, Louisiana’s Assessors have been required to send notice when the taxable assessment of property for a tax year increases by 15% or more from the prior year.  Written notice must be mailed by the Assessor to the address that receives the tax bill no later than the first day of the public exposure period.  La. R.S. 47:1987(B).  The public exposure period is a fifteen day period which must occur between August 15 and September 15 of each year. La. R.S. 47:1992(F).  Valuation and uniformity appeals to the local Boards of Review must be filed shortly after the public exposure period. The new written notice requirement provides a useful tool that will make it easier for taxpayers to manage compliance in Louisiana and reliance on the notice provides the taxpayer with a defense against a claim for additional taxes, interest and penalties.