Kean Miller is pleased to announce the relocation of its downtown Baton Rouge headquarters from One American Place to 80,000+ square feet of re-imagined law office space in II City Plaza effective today, Monday, January 10, 2011. II City Plaza is the only Class A office space constructed in Baton Rouge in the last 25 years.

“Our firm’s explosive growth, and the opportunity to rethink how we deliver legal services to our clients, was clearly the driver of this relocation. Our old space was built for the law practice of the 1980s,” said Gary A. Bezet, managing partner of the 130-attorney law firm. “Our negotiations began almost two years ago after an exhaustive study of options for a sophisticated law firm of our size and scope in the Capitol region. II City Plaza was clearly the most appropriate place to design and launch the law office of tomorrow,” added Bezet.

Kean Miller was founded in 1983 with 11 attorneys. The firm’s original offices were located in the Baton Rouge Savings and Loan building on the corner of North Boulevard and St. Ferdinand Street. In 1986, Kean Miller moved to the One American Place building with 25 attorneys. Kean Miller’s new offices in II City Plaza will be home to over 240 attorneys and staff occupying 80,000+ square feet of contiguous office space on four floors. The first floor lobby of II City Plaza will also feature a state-of-the-art Client Reception Center. “This has been a unique opportunity to re-imagine our entire Baton Rouge office at one time. Our new home offers efficiencies of space, design, and technology that did not exist in our current space,” added Bezet.

The new Kean Miller space features more efficient office space, effective workflow design, improved internal processes, a state-of-the-art client conference center and advanced technological assets.

About Kean Miller

With 130 lawyers, Kean Miller serves the legal needs of Louisiana businesses and Fortune 500 companies. The firm maintains offices in Baton Rouge, New Orleans, and Lake Charles, Louisiana and is the largest law firm in the Greater Baton Rouge region. The firm serves clients in numerous industries including energy, petrochemical and chemical, technology and telecommunications, transportation, media and advertising, financial services, insurance, gaming, government and education, healthcare, manufacturing, real estate, retail, construction and leasing. The firm combines the talent and expertise of its lawyers into multi-disciplinary client and industry teams. These teams are comprised of seasoned legal professionals from a variety of disciplines who are equipped to re-think each client’s legal and business needs and re-engineer superior service strategies that provide unmatched support to the client.

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