For many minority college students, entering law school and becoming an attorney may seem out of reach.  Three years ago, Kean Miller law firm launched the Kean Miller Connection program to educate minority college students on the legal profession and inform them that becoming a lawyer is an attainable opportunity.

What Is The Connection?

Kean Miller Connection is a two-day law school preparatory program for college juniors and seniors from groups that are traditionally underrepresented in area law schools.  The goal is to “connect” students with information helpful to making the decision to attend law school and become a lawyer.  Lawyers from Kean Miller, the Greater Baton Rouge Region’s largest law firm, along with other faculty, provide an intense overview of the law school experience.  The program provides information and guidance on law school admission standards, insight into opportunities in the legal field, speakers from all facets of the legal profession, financial aid information and general information designed to encourage minorities to enter the profession.

When Is It?

Now in its fourth year, the annual Kean Miller Connection will be held on Thursday, July 22 through Friday, July 23, 2010 in Baton Rouge in the Kean Miller Conference Center (301 Main Street, 18th Floor).

How Does One Apply?

Applications can be found on the Kean Miller Web site here.

Are There Eligibility Requirements?

Yes. Applicants must be members of a group traditionally underrepresented in law school and the law practice and maintain a minimum GPA of 3.0.  Applicants must have completed at least 45 college credits and must be a Louisiana resident.   Applications must be received no later than July 9, 2010.

Who Can I Contact?

Linda Perez Clark, Partner, Kean Miller, 225.387.0999 or