The Fair Labor Standards Act turns 75 today, June 25. The FLSA is a depression-era piece of legislation. Through the FLSA, Congress intended to raise working conditions and spur hiring.  Congress sought to do this by prohibiting child labor, establishing a minimum wage, and requiring payment of a premium for hours worked over a particular benchmark any workweek.  Congress believed that the maintenance of substandard labor conditions, in any part of industry and in any state, would have the effect of lowering labor conditions elsewhere because goods flowed in a stream of interstate commerce. The minimum wage 75 years ago was $.25; today’s minimum wage is $7.25.  FLSA suits are the fastest-growing type of employment litigation.  FLSA suits typically involve misclassification of workers as exempt from minimum wage and/or overtime and off-the-clock (unpaid) time periods.  On the 75th anniversary of the FLSA, it may be a good time to examine your employment practices to ensure that you are in full compliance with the Act.