From New York to Hollywood and now New Orleans, well-publicized allegations of sexual harassment have dominated the news.  Click here for a recent CNN article on a recent issue.  Sexual harassment is unlawful and can lead to much bigger issues than bad press.   Click here for information on sex-based discrimination from the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.  These stories highlight the need for employers to communicate their stances against sexual harassment, to promulgate clear policies barring sexual harassment, to enforce those policies, and to train employees, supervisors, managers, and even executives.  Training on policies is an essential component of an effective policy.  Simply stating a position on an issue like sexual harassment may not be enough to ensure a work environment free from unlawful harassment.   Now is the time to work with your internal human resources groups and outside counsel to evaluate your HR legal compliance on issues from harassment to wage and hour compliance.  Now is the time to train employees on sexual harassment and to implement a robust training program so that your policies are not just words on a page.  Now is the opportunity to prevent becoming the next headline.