According to its Web site, the United States District Court for the Middle District of Louisiana has issued a notice and ordered that U.S. Eastern District (New Orleans) filings may be made at the U.S. Middle District in Baton Rouge or U.S. Western District in Lafayette. Due to computer problems, the Middle District is not accepting electronic filings at this time. However, the courthouse is open for traditional paper filing.

Due to Hurricane Katrina all notices and orders will be delivered via U.S. Mail and E-mail until further notice. Because the court may be unable to verify electronic service of pleadings filed with the court for several days, they are advising all counsel of record to serve opposing counsel via U.S. Mail. Further, the courts asks that attorneys notify the court of any change of mailing or email address.

In addition and effective immediately, all persons entering the Russell B. Long Federal Building and United States Courthouse are required to present a picture ID. In addition, attorneys may only bring a cell phone, beeper, or palm pilot into the courthouse without seeking permission from the Chief Judge or any other judicial officer. This permission to bring a cell phone, beeper or palm pilot into the building is subject to the following sanction: Any cell phone, beeper or palm pilot which rings or makes any other noise in the courtroom, chambers or in the hallways outside of a courtroom shall be subject to seizure and shall not be returned to the owner. An attorney who wishes to bring a computer into the courtroom for use at a hearing, conference or trial must seek permission from the presiding judicial officer, or in the judicial officer’s absence, from the Chief Judge.