Here are a few of the proposed bills from the House dealing with some of the items on Governor Blanco’s call list:

HB32 – providing for the suspension of performance of contracts due to impracticability of performance.

HB73 – Provides criminal procedures for administration of criminal justice in times of emergency or disaster.

HB76 – Provides for changes to the State Uniform Construction Code.

HB88 – Provides for removal and preservation of property by lessor during certain periods.

HB89 – Creates the Disaster Recovery Fund as a special fund in the state treasury and provides for the deposit of certain monies in the fund to be used solely to fund infrastructure costs related to disaster recovery.

HB90 – Provides for the suspension of prescriptive and peremptive periods and ratifies certain executive orders.

HB92 – Provides relative to the effect of suspension of legal deadlines on judgments of divorce

HB104 – provides emergency legislation relative to child support.