The Louisiana legislature amended Louisiana Revised Statutes 13:4207 to provide additional time delays in which judges must render a judgment in cases taken under advisement and rule on applications for a new trial, as well restrictions regarding the manner in which the judgment must be rendered.

Senate Bill 338, effective August 15, 2006, amended 13:4207 to require that all matters wherein the matter was taken under advisement be reduced to a written judgment within thirty days from the time the case is submitted for decision. This requirement applies to both city and district judges.

Additionally, the amended statute makes a distinction between city and district courts with regard to decision on applications for new trial. City court judges are now required to render a decision on applications for a new trial within three days. The time delay for district judges to rule on applications for new trials remains the same, i.e. seven days. However, upon written consent of counsel for both parties, the time period may be extended for a further period of ten days, but no longer.